The Specter Inspectors is a paranormal research group (similar to Ghost Hunters) located in central New Jersey, based out of Mercer and Monmouth counties. Our purpose is to help businesses and individuals who may be experiencing paranormal events in their place of business or home. We do this with the aid of technology to gather evidence of the alleged paranormal events. As we have a healthy level of skepticism, we also attempt to "debunk" events (that is, find non-paranormal causes of what is presumed to be paranormal).

TSI is pleased to participate in local events to promote paranormal education. Visit our Events page to see previous events in which we participated. If you would like us to provide an interactive demonstration about paranormal investigating at your next ghost- or paranormal-related event, please contact us.

We invite you to look around our web site and review our investigations and evidence, which includes EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena). So far, our investigations have been in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but we are expanding to do paranormal investigations in New York and Delaware as well.

TSI Paranormal Investigations currently specializes in paranormal events in historic businesses or homes. But, of course, we consider all requests for help. Just contact us!
Investigations are always done free of charge.


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Public Ghost Hunt at Burrowes Mansion
TSI is pleased to once again assist with the public Ghost Hunt at the historic Burrowes Mansion. This year's event takes place on Saturday, October 24. To go directly to the ticket sales page, CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS.
If you want to read some more info about the event, go to our special page for the Burrowes event.

We're slowly working on redoing the website. Let us know if there's anything in particular you'd like to see on the new site. We want to make it useful to paranormal enthusiasts and researchers as well as those who are looking for help with their paranormal issues.

We're also accepting applications for new team members. If paranormal investigating is something you're passionate about and want to join an active team, look below for a little more info and then go fill out the application!

Please join us on our Facebook page. We're trying to keep in touch with everyone there, and it's nice to kind of know who's visiting us!

Become a team member!
Join one of NJ's hardest working paranormal investigation groups! If you're serious about paranormal research and know you have the time (and energy) to commit to this, please visit our Membership page and fill out our application. We don't always have the door open for new memberships (we want to keep our team small and family-like), so don't miss out on this opportunity to apply!


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